Minutes from the second PAC meeting

Here are Bike Concord’s minutes from the second meeting of the Plan Advisory Committee, which was held tonight.

The PowerPoint presentation referred to is available online from the City: http://www.cityofconcord.org/…/tr…/04272015_presentation.pdf

Discussion on the crucial point of bikeable arterial streets vs. side routes only has been put in bold below.

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Plan Advisory Committee second meeting

The second meeting of the Plan Advisory Committee for the Master Plan is this Monday, April 27, at 5:30pm in the Permit Center Conference Room in the city offices at 1950 Parkside Dr.

The next PAC meeting will be on June 22. There will be no meeting in May.

Items on the agenda include:

  • Presentation to the PAC by Alta Planning & Design and comments by PAC on community needs.
  • Report by Alta on the April 8 Community Workshop and April 18 walking and bicycling tours.
  • Discussion of Bike to Work Day (May 14) events and the next Master Plan public workshop on July 30, which will be focused on policy.

The PAC’s meetings are all public and include opportunities for public comment.  Bike Concord asks for your help in pushing for a safe arterial streets approach in the Master Plan.

If you’re unable attend the meeting in person, you can email your comments to to Principal Planner Andy Mogensen at Andrew.Mogensen@ cityofconcord.org.

For notes from the PAC’s first meeting, please see comments under https://www.facebook.com/groups/bikeconcord/permalink/360952707434761/.

Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Safe Routes to Transit Master Plan

The City of Concord is developing a policy document that will guide transportation decisions in a safer and more convenient direction for non-motor traffic.  It’s called the Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Safe Routes to Transit Master Plan.

The Master Plan has a couple hundred thousand dollars of funding from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), the Bay Area’s regional transportation authority.

The City has a page about the Master Plan which features links to maps, meeting presentations, and official event announcements.  Bike Concord is also working on some additional resources and input opportunities, which we will make available to the City to feature on their page when ready.

Plan Advisory Committee (PAC)

The Master Plan will make use of input from the whole public, but particular influence will be exercised by the Plan Advisory Committee (PAC).  This is a focus group of five people who will hold regular public meetings throughout the Master Plan process, at which they will be briefed on the plan’s progress by city staff and Alta Planning & Design, the plan consultant, and will offer feedback.

These meetings will be held on the fourth Monday of each month at 5:30pm in the Permit Center Conference Room in the city offices at 1950 Parkside Dr.  Please attend as many as you can, and speak up during public comment for a Master Plan that treats bicycle and pedestrian safety as a top priority on our streets – not just an optional amenity.

Even if you can only come to one meeting, please do.  New faces and voices make the message stronger.

The configuration of the PAC was finalized by City Council on December 8, 2014.  Bike Concord and many other members of the public attended that meeting and requested that the PAC include a majority of at-large members (i.e. people not already on a city commission, staff, or Council) in order to ensure that its recommendations reflect the community’s priorities.  Council decided to open two of five seats to at-large members.

Applications were invited from the public for these two seats, and Council made the final selection from among them.  The PAC now consists of:

  • Laura Hoffmeister, City Council member and Vice-Mayor, as committee chair.
  • Carlyn Obringer as representative of the Planning Commission.
  • Mark Sinclair as representative of the Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Commission.
  • Sergio Huerta as at-large member and vice-chair of the committee.
  • Claire Linder as at-large member.

In addition, there are two alternate at-large members.  They do not sit on the committee unless called on to fill in for an absent at-large member.

  • Randy Marsh.
  • Kenji Yamada.

The PAC held its first meeting on March 30.  Principal Planner Andrew Mogensen briefed members on the Master Plan process.

Alta Planning & Design

Alta Planning & Design is a private consulting firm which the City has hired to develop a draft of the Master Plan, integrating public input as much as possible.  They are specialists in bicycle infrastructure, so we can be glad that they were the choice of our City Council and staff.

However, Alta will not fight our battles for us.  As residents of Concord who want streets that treat bicycle and pedestrian traffic as traffic, we are going to have to show up and speak up persistently and cogently if we want this vision made into reality in Concord.  Motor traffic as priority one is the status quo on our streets.  This mentality won’t give way without a lot of pressure.

To keep informed of meetings where you can show up and make a difference, please follow our public calendar, Facebook group, or Twitter feed.