Tamales Fest & Bikes – A Fundraiser for a community bicycle shop

Bike Concord needs your help!  We are fundraising for one of our most ambitious projects – The Community Bicycle Shop (aka Bike Kitchen.)

Our “Tamale Fest & Bikes” fundraiser will start at 4pm on Saturday, Dec 5 at Keller House in Concord, CA, only 0.6 miles from the Concord BART station.  Come by bike, automobile, public transportation. But if you ride your bike, you’ll be able to join us afterwards at 6:00 PM for a group bicycle ride starting from the Keller House and ending at Todos Santos Plaza.   Everyone is encouraged to bring their holiday spirit and decorate their bikes, helmets and/or wear a decoration highlighting their preferred December holiday. Get creative!  Please bring your helmet and bike lights for fun and safety! Also, dress warmly. Rain or shine, tamales will be served. If it rains, check this website for updated info.


A donation of $15 will get you a tamale plate and a drink. ($15.30 to purchase online ahead of time.) Tamales are a hot item, so purchase your tickets in advance.

Getting there

Keller House is at 1760 Clayton Rd on the north side of Ellis Lake Park, only 0.6 miles from Concord BART.  Here is the shortest bike route.

Facebook event

Please invite your friends and family!  Here is the Tamale Fest Facebook event to share.

About bike kitchens

Like existing bike kitchens all over the Bay Area, the Concord Bike Kitchen will be a place where anyone can come learn how to fix their bicycle with the help of knowledgeable volunteers, use tools, and draw from a supply of donated spare parts. It will bring together people from all backgrounds, income levels, ages, and experiences to learn about bicycles. It will provide a space for young people to learn a useful skill, build confidence in their own abilities, and take pride in being an asset to their community.


Thanks to the generosity of Monument Impact and Monument neighborhood residents, all proceeds will go into Bike Concord’s fund for a future nonprofit community bicycle shop, also known as a “Bike Kitchen”. We are also grateful for the support from our partner Bike East Bay.