Countywide Bicycle Advisory Committee 2015-12-07 official minutes

Official minutes from the last meeting of the Countywide Bicycle Advisory Committee (CBAC) are available, as recorded by Contra Costa County Public Works staff member Mary Beth Taylor.

The CBAC consists of representatives of different parts of Contra Costa County.  Their function is to comment on bicycle-related matters that concern CCC.

So far, the CBAC has been meeting only once a year, and its focus has been limited to giving feedback to city and county staff when they submit applications for very small bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure projects to receive grants from the County’s share of money from the Transportation Development Act (TDA).  These grants are generally around $100,000 or less.

The committee’s comments are conveyed to applicants by Jerry Fahy, a CCC Public Works staff member who is the staff liaison to the committee.

Most projects submitted for this money in Contra Costa have been pedestrian projects:  sidewalk gap closures and signalization of crossings. There have been few bicycle projects.

New members have now been appointed to fill empty seats on the CBAC.  One of them is a Bike Concord organizer, Kenji Yamada.  All CBAC meetings will be posted on the Bike Concord calendar, available either at or under the Events page at this blog.

At the last meeting, CBAC members agreed that the committee should begin meeting more often, probably at least four times a year.  It was also agreed that the committee should become more proactive in advising local jurisdictions about opportunities to improve safety and access for bicycle transportation.