Support BC


Bike Concord is led by volunteers, and because individuals donate time, money, or other in-kind items we are able to keep rolling out programs full speed. In 2015, Bike Concord received 3 donated new-used bikes, and was able to assign them to new owners in need of a transportation alternative and/or needed to cycle to improve their health. 

You can be part of the volunteer team, and contribute a little or as frequent as time allows.  Sign up and pick from a list of possible ways to contribute, such as donate supplies, organize a bike rodeo or support a group ride.

Bike Concord’s  Wish List

Every year, we inventory for items we need to make projects happen. Please consider donating, or donating towards an item below and we will find a matching donor.  Email us for more info.

  • projector
  • meeting supplies: pens, flip chart paper and markers, printing paper, tape, etc.
  • flip chart stands
  • computer tablet
  • mobile wifi service
  • gift cards to grocery or office supply stores
  • bike stands or bike trailer
  • bike accessories
  • flyer / brochures holders
  • laminating paper
  • healthy snacks for volunteer meetings or group rides
  • water filters
  • giveaways for children or adult bicycle riders
  • supplies for bike rodeos
  • tools for bike repairs

Items donated by individuals like you

  • canopy
  • bikes
  • outreach tables
  • pin making machine
  • tablet
  • music box for group rides
  • heat lamp for outdoor events, etc.