Bike Concord

Two of our mechanics working on two different genres of bikes. A cruiser and a drop bar bike.
“You never knowed” what’s going to come through the Bike Kitchen.

The Blue Drop Bar Bike:
These frames were custom made for a bike shop in Palo Alto.
Very active during the 1970-90s as a contract builder and under their own brand. Made the Palo Alto frames, circa 1984-85. Made in Italy with Columbus tubing.

The rear triangle was bent and the paint horrendous. I would have scrapped it. But Dave saw the potential, straightened the frame and rattle can painted it. This bike is very responsive. I rode it around the parking lot ten times, I couldn’t stop riding it.

Tamales & Bikes Fest – a success!

We had a successful Tamales & Bikes Fest this Saturday at Todos Santos Plaza. We can’t wait to do this again in support of Bike Concord’s community bike shop, so save the date for next year’s Tamales & Bikes Fest, the 1st Sat. of Dec. ‘18.

Enjoy these pictures taken at the holiday selfie station. Art made possible by Lizzy Olvera.

Thanks to all participants and sponsors — Todos Santos Business Association Arts Foundation, City of Concord, Los Rancheros Supermarket, and Las Montañas Supermarket.

See more at Bike Concord’s Facebook and stay tuned — soon we’ll post a special video.

Tamales & Bikes Fest, tomorrow Sat.


Join us tomorrow, Saturday, from 3:00 to 7:30 PM for Tamales & Bikes Fest. We’ve sold more advanced tickets than ever before and they’ll be over 2000 people at Todos Santos Plaza wanting some of our yummy tamales…we’re prepared, I hope. At Todos Santos Plaza, the City of Concord and the Todos Santos Business Association is hosting their annual tree lighting ceremony – Santa arrives in a firetruck at 4:00 PM, and again at 6:00 PM in a bike sleigh. We’ll take a group photo at 7:00 PM with our bikes (decorated with holiday lights is optional) and rally for a group ride. The group ride will stop at Olympic High to visit the site of the new bike shop, and continue around town ending at Todos Santos Plaza, two-three blocks from BART.

Click here for the event flyer, and go to for event details –purchase event items like tamales, raffle items, bike lights, and to RSVP for the free group ride.

This event is made possible due to the generosity of volunteers, donors like you, the business community, the Bike Concord leadership team, and the Todos Santos Business Association Art Foundation.

Cargo Bikes & Kids

Biking to work is a great way to fit exercise into the routine of an adult’s day, but there are other ways to improve your and your kids’ health with bicycling.  We have seen the traffic jams around school, but are there any other ways to get kids who are too young to ride their own bikes to school?  What about running errands?  Here are some testimonials from residents of central Contra Costa County (not currently known for its great bike infrastructure) who use bikes, cargo bikes, tandems, and trailers to accomplish these and many other tasks.

2017 Cargo Bike & Kids
En route to pre-school

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