Local bike shops

The best place to buy a new bicycle or get your current one fixed is a bicycle shop.

Although general stores such as Target sell bikes that tend to be cheaper than those in a bike shop, the up-front savings is decidedly not worth it. These bikes are almost all of poor quality, are poorly assembled by store staff, and do not come with maintenance support. They will quickly become unpleasant or even dangerous to ride, and will be hard or impossible to fix.

A bicycle shop carries machines which can be maintained for a long time. They may cost more up front, but they will serve you for much longer. Bike shop staff can give you good advice on which bike suits your particular needs, and which accessories will make your bicycling experience a pleasure.

Here are the bike shops in Concord and neighboring communities. When you visit, please tell them Bike Concord sent you.

Dedicated bike shops

  • Big Dave’s Bikes, 609 Gregory Lane #120, Pleasant Hill, 925.924.1956. A small but well-stocked shop. Dave Bzdula is the owner and a CCCC resident. Friendly, personable service. Good place to go for an air pump in particular, as their selection is relatively inexpensive and of good quality. They also offer a regularly rotating stock of used bikes, displayed outside in front of the shop.
  • Mike’s Bikes, 1615 N California Blvd, Walnut Creek, 925.954.1490. Part of a small Northern California chain. Tends somewhat towards racing and athletic bicycles, but also serves transportation bicycling. Very large selection of bikes. Mike’s Bikes is a generous supporter of the local community, and has made some contributions to help Bike Concord in particular.
  • Encina Bicycle Center, 2901 Ygnacio Valley Rd, Walnut Creek, 925.944.9200. Locally owned, good selection. They offer bikes for rent as well as sale.
  • Clayton Bicycle Center, 5411 Clayton Rd, Clayton, 925.672.2522. Same owner as Encina.
  • Frame Up Bikes, 181 Mayhew Way, Suite D, Walnut Creek. The newest addition among Central Contra Costa’s bike shops. Conveniently located along the Iron Horse Trail between Monument Blvd and Treat Blvd.
  • Pleasant Hill Cyclery, 1100 Contra Costa Blvd, Concord, 925.676.2667. Owner Eric Amundson is an expert in choosing and setting up a bicycle to precisely fit your ergonomic needs. Best choice for those who already have a clear idea what they want and are less concerned about price than about long-term physical comfort. (In spite of its name, Pleasant Hill Cyclery is just within the city limits of Concord, and is so far the only dedicated bicycle shop in our city.) Pleasant Hill Cyclery is now permanently closed.
  • Rivendell Bicycle Works, 2040 N Main St #19, Walnut Creek, 800.345.3918. Not for the beginning bicyclist, this shop is renowned in the bicycling world even beyond California. Rivendell sells beautiful, top-quality steel-frame bicycles which, according to their marketing, could still be in working order after you die of old age. They cost at least a thousand dollars each, but they are the best bicycles money can buy, and the staff will bring deep knowledge and experience to bear to make sure your bicycle perfectly serves your specific needs. The main shop is somewhat hard to find in the maze of warehouse space on N Main St. (Rivendell’s former downtown WC showroom, Bike, Book & Hatchet, is now closed.)

Businesses with bike repair shops inside

  • REI, 1975 Diamond Blvd (The Willows shopping center), Suite B100, Concord, . Concord location of the well-known outdoor equipment co-op chain. They have a full-service bike shop in the back, as well as a selection of new bikes and bike accessories. REI has been a generous supporter of Bike Concord, contributing free patch kits for distribution at our Bike Tent, and free service at Bike Tent by one of their mechanics in the 2015 and 2016 seasons.
  • Sports Basement, 1881 Ygnacio Valley Rd, Walnut Creek, 925.941.6100. Local Bay Area chain. A general sporting goods store, but they have a bike shop as well. They are very supportive of the local community. Although Bike Concord has not received sponsorship from them yet, we are hoping to arrange an event to use their free in-store community space in the near future.