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  • – This is our general email address.
  • – Bike Concord, as an organization, is led by volunteers. We highly depend on volunteers to support programs, such as group ride and bike tent, and to promote improvements to city infrastructure that makes cycling safe for everyone.
  • – Our public events calendar, including group rides, local government meetings of importance for our mission, and events hosted by our partners.
  • – This blog.
  • – Our Facebook group is a lively mix of conversations.  Anyone can join and post.  Announcements and recaps of bike-related events in Concord, pictures of cool bikes and inspiring bike infrastructure, opinion polls, requests for bicycling advice, safety advisories.
  • – Although we like to talk things out in detail, the rapidity and brevity of the 21st century have asserted their claim on us.  We Tweet.
  • – Videos of our events and public comments at meetings.

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