About Bike Concord

Bike Concord is a grassroots organization in Concord, California. We are working for safe, convenient, and enjoyable bicycling in our community. We were founded in 2014 through a collaboration between Concord residents and Bike East Bay, a regional bicycle advocacy organization that covers Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. Although Bike Concord is now a distinct organization with its own projects, leaders, and online channels, we maintain a close partnership with Bike East Bay.

Bike Concord consists entirely of volunteer residents with day jobs and families, putting in time and energy to operate this organization because we are determined to make bicycling a mainstream transportation option in Concord and Central Contra Costa.

Our work covers many categories – running a free bike repair tent at the Todos Santos Farmers’ Market, engaging with the City of Concord to encourage bike-friendly transportation decisions, creating bike-centered social events for the public, and educating and equipping bicycle users to maintain safety for themselves and others on the road.

We are not a closed group. Any good-willed Concordian who wants to work for a bike-friendly future is welcome to get involved with Bike Concord. If this is you, please come see us at the Bike Tent or another Bike Concord event.

One thought on “About Bike Concord

  1. Has Bike Concord ever considered hosting a regularly occurring “Bike Party”? I used to live in San Jose, and whoever was (one of) the bike organization for the city hosted an organized weeknight ride on weekly basis that went all over the city of San Jose. Might be a fun event for us Concordians.


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