Community Workshop – Concord Naval Weapons Station Reuse Project

On Saturday, March 18th, the city of Concord held a “Community Reuse Project Kick-off Specific Plan Community Workshop” to update the public on the next phase of the Concord Naval Weapons Station Reuse Project with representatives of the presumptive master developer (Lennar Concord, LLC) and its re-use specific partner FivePoint Communities Management. Also in attendance were consultants, city staff, and representatives from the East Bay Regional Parks.  It was also an opportunity to receive public input, which was provided in the standing-room-only Wisteria Room at the Senior Center.  For such a large group, several consistent themes emerged: many connections to transit, easy biking and walking, good jobs/living wages, affordable housing, community services (especially for the homeless and elderly), and abundant recreational opportunities.  What was not wanted: a lot of retail and car traffic.  This last will be a challenge given the scope of the project (12,000 residences in the final phase of development) without a robust commitment to active transportation at the outset of the project.  The blank nature and scale of this site  represent an ideal opportunity to bring best-in-class bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure to Concord.  This means no more paint-only bike lanes, or mixing bicycles and pedestrians together.  Instead, the Reuse Project offers the opportunity for full mode separation – motor, cycle, and pedestrian traffic each in a space physically separated from the others – both along streets and at intersections, a recipe which has yielded bicycle per-trip mode shares in excess of 30% where it has been put into routine practice.