First CNWS Community Advisory Committee meeting Tuesday, Jan 17

The first meeting (PDF) of the nascent Community Advisory Committee for the Concord Naval Weapons Station Reuse Project is Tuesday, January 17, at 6:00 pm in the City Council Chamber at 1950 Parkside Drive.

The CAC is a group of 11 Concord residents (plus 3 alternates) selected by City Council to give resident input on the Reuse Project progress and plans, and to assist in drafting the Specific Plan which will serve as the guide for Phase 1 development.  They will meet regularly on the third Tuesday of every month.  All meetings are open to the public.

Bike Concord’s position is that all streets in the project should fully reflect Complete Streets principles.  To that end, we support streets which include full separation of modes (pedestrian, bicycle, and motor) not only along roadways but also at intersections.  This means separate travel space for each mode, demarcated not just by painted lines but by vertical separation elements such as posts, landscaped planting strips, and/or grade separation (e.g., raised bikeways).  Another key element is the provision for protected movements (e.g., left turns) through intersections for bicycle and pedestrian traffic, separated from each other and from motor vehicle traffic.

Given the blank slate, for all intents and purposes, presented by the Reuse Area property, there is no practical reason for the City not to commit fully to the transformation of the former CNWS into a sustainable, vibrant addition to our existing community, and, in doing so, foster a haven for walkers and bicyclists.

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