Interviews with City Council 2016 candidates

Bike Concord has interviewed five of the seven 2016 candidates for Concord City Council. Although we do not endorse candidates, we do want to keep our members informed of the positions of elected officials and candidates on the issue of safe, convenient bicycle transportation in Concord.

Here are the video recordings.

Eduardo Manuel was unavailable. Harmesh Kumar had a schedule conflict. We are hoping to be able to find a time to interview him before November 8.

Candidates were asked the following questions, selected by Bike Concord’s Advocacy Committee.

  1. Intro statement.
  2. How much do you bicycle, and for what purposes?
  3. What is your experience with local transportation issues? What problems do you see, and what solutions do you favor?
  4. How large a part do you think bicycling can play in Concord’s transportation system?
  5. Bike Concord’s vision for our city is one in which there are safe, reasonably direct bicycle routes between all points in Concord, not just some routes. Do you support this as an unconditional goal, or do you see it as a second priority behind facilitating motor traffic movement?
  6. How do you intend to connect the Reuse Project to the rest of the city?
  7. Funding for construction and especially maintenance of bike/ped facilities is difficult to find. What new sources of funding for Concord would you be willing to explore?
  8. Would you be willing to participate in a tour of Concord so you could be shown potential locations of various bike/ped improvements that have been identified by the community?

Thanks to BC member Torian Allen for shooting and editing the videos.

3 thoughts on “Interviews with City Council 2016 candidates

  1. Kenji, thank you so much for doing these video interviews. Very important, and much better than just a print interview in a newspaper!


  2. Also Torian, thank you for your filming and editing, and a special thank you for choosing locations that did not have a lot of background noise! On some of the television political interviews with commentators, you can’t hear a thing because of the background noise!


    • We actually did have significant background noise with Carlyn, Hope, and Gloria due to my poor choice of location for that set of interviews, but Torian did a great job reducing it through editing. 🙂 In future elections we will probably do all our interviews near the City Council chamber, as we did with the second set featuring Edi and Pablo.


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