Advanced street ride Saturday, Aug 20, 11am from Todos Santos

Bike Concord will lead a group ride along busy streets on Saturday, August 20 at 11am from Todos Santos Plaza.

This ride is for somewhat experienced bicyclists who would like to build their confidence riding on busy streets. It is not recommended for children or beginning riders. There will be a ride lead and sweep and no one will be left behind, but there will be no crossing guards, and participants will be expected to exercise their own judgment and skill to follow the lead’s movements in busy car traffic.

A rearview mirror on your bicycle or helmet is highly recommended.

Meet at Todos Santos Plaza. We’ll start by heading west on Willow Pass Rd. We will take the full rightmost lane instead of staying to the right edge, because it’s too narrow for a car and bicycle to safely travel side by side. (This is explicitly allowed by the California Vehicle Code: Section 21202, paragraph (a)(3), and riding on the sidewalk in this location is prohibited by Concord Municipal Code Section 10.45.240.)

We’ll continue straight under Hwy 242, then merge left across the road for a left turn onto Franquette Ave. (This is explicitly allowed by the California Vehicle Code: Section 21202, paragraph (a)(2).) This will allow us to use the small tunnel under 242 to reach Meadow Lane on the other side. (Improvements to this tunnel and its surroundings are planned in the City’s Capital Improvement Project #2307.)

A right turn after the tunnel will put us on Meadow Lane. We’ll follow it south all the way to Monument Blvd, where we will merge left for a left turn.

On Monument Blvd we’ll stay to the right in the rightmost lane, as it is wide enough to allow cars to pass within the lane somewhat safely. Straight on until Oak St, where we’ll turn right to pass by Concord BART.

From there it’s a few blocks north along Grant St, where buffered bike lanes are planned soon in the City’s Capital Improvement Project #2277. That will take us back to Todos Santos, where our ride will end and we can patronize local businesses.

Ride route: