Veranda Shopping Center and Downtown Corridors Plan at Planning Commission meeting tomorrow

Concord’s Planning Commission has a meeting tomorrow, Wednesday July 20 at 6:30pm in the Council chamber at 1950 Parkside Dr.  Two items on the agenda are of interest to Bike Concord. Agenda:

  • VII.2 – Veranda Shopping Center. This is the proposed new shopping center on Diamond Blvd on the site of the former Chevron offices. Bike Concord organizers have given comments to City planning staff and Design Review Board asking for the project to make some kind of provision to connect its planned secure bicycle parking to the nearby Iron Horse Trail, possibly via a future easement through the existing Willows Shopping Center.
  • VII.3 – Downtown Corridors Plan. Bike Concord has given many rounds of extensive input on this already, and Planning Division staff have made a lot of changes that we asked for.

This is not a high-priority meeting unless you are on BC’s Advocacy Committee or have a particular interest in these projects, but you may wish to attend to get an understanding of the role of the Planning Commission, so it will be clear to you for future projects that you’d like to influence.

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