Canal/IHT Loop Ride to the Farmers’ Market

Bike Concord member Ford Tivakul will lead a short family-friendly group ride tomorrow morning (Tuesday July 12) at 10am from Concord BART.  Here are the details.

Speed: 8 to 10mph
Distance: ~12 miles, and is mostly flat.
Route: Meet at Concord BART Station, will take the Canal Trail to the Iron Horse Trail (will pass by Pleasant Hill near BART Station if someone gets tired) and continue on the IHT back to Todos Santos Plaza to arrive at the Farmers’ Market.

Bring: H2O, snacks, personal first aid, patch kits, xtra tubes, etc

*No one is left behind.
*Will make stops as needed.
*30% + chance of rain cancels ride, check weather till 9AM.
*Bring children w/helmets along in a child seat, trailer, co-pilot, or cargo bike!
*Part of ride is on streets.

If you have mechanical skills, please volunteer to join this ride and help with fixing flats, and/or doing bike safety checks before take off.

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