Concord City Council signs on for new CCC transportation sales tax

City Council voted unanimously tonight (with the exception of Tim Grayson, who was absent) to adopt a resolution giving Concord’s approval to the Contra Costa Transportation Authority to put the proposed new half-cent sales tax for transportation on November’s ballot. CCTA needs approval from at least 10 out of the 19 cities of Contra Costa County in order to levy the tax, in addition to two-thirds’ approval from Contra Costa voters in November.
Bike Concord has been heavily involved in the Transportation Expenditure Plan (TEP) for the new tax: by attending meetings to follow the process, submitting letters and making comments in support of significant apportionments for bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and a strong Complete Street Policy, and by participating in the Expenditure Plan Advisory Committee (EPAC) in support of Bike East Bay.  This new revenue will be a great help in funding many badly-needed bicycle infrastructure projects across Contra Costa and in Concord in particular.  We hope to be able to commit significant time and energy as volunteers in a few months to help persuade our neighbors to approve the tax in November.

2 thoughts on “Concord City Council signs on for new CCC transportation sales tax

  1. One of the best things Concord ever did was rehab the bike trails along the canals. I hope the city continues to maintain these trails and others because biking is such and easy and convenient way of getting around in this area.


    • The Canal Trail is not the jurisdiction of the City. It’s the jurisdiction of the Contra Costa Water District, and trail maintenance and operation is carried out by the East Bay Regional Park District. I agree, the trails are very helpful. Unfortunately, they reach only a limited set of destinations.


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