Final Master Plan Community Workshop on Thursday, May 5, 5:30pm

The third and final Master Plan Community Workshop will be on Thursday, May 5, 5:30pm at Wisteria Hall, Concord Senior Center, 2727 Parkside Circle, Concord. City staff and consultants will present the public draft of the Master Plan to the general public for the first time, and comments will be accepted.

Please make every effort to attend. This public draft is the culmination of well over a year’s work, not only by staff and consultants, but by Bike Concord volunteers who have faithfully attended every meeting, read every document, and provided carefully-considered input all along the way.

We are relying on the Master Plan to bring firm policy commitments that will overcome persistent obstacles to good bicycle infrastructure in Concord. We will come to this Community Workshop with a developed position on the draft, including some non-negotiable elements whose presence or absence in the draft will determine whether we support or oppose its adoption.

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