I-680 / Treat Blvd bike/ped project discussion at CCC Transportation, Water, and Infrastructure Committee (TWIC) meeting

Contra Costa County is developing a design for bicycle and pedestrian improvements on Treat Blvd from the I-680 overpass to slightly east of Pleasant Hill BART.

CCC staff came up with several design variants.  Only one of them, version 1B, includes continuous bike lanes and sidewalks, separate from each other, along the entire length of the street.  Staff recommended a different version, 4, which omits bike lanes on some segments of the street – an unfortunate choice, given that this segment of Treat Blvd is a conduit into the major transit hub of Central Contra Costa.  Bike Concord, Bike Walnut Creek, and Bike East Bay all submitted letters to the County in support of 1B instead of 4.

Staff reviewed the feedback they received, discussed it with Alta Planning + Design (the consultant on this project), and determined that they would need to do an additional traffic study costing around $20,000 in order to justify including bike lanes throughout the entire project scope.

This afternoon the matter came before the TWIC, a subcommittee of the CCC Board of Supervisors, which currently consists of Sups. Andersen and Piepho.  At today’s meeting, the Supervisors assented to Bike East Bay and Bike Concord’s request for them to authorize staff (Jamar Stamps) to obtain the additional $20k of project funding to do a traffic study to see if they can add the segments of bike infrastructure that are missing from version 4 of the project.

Staff reported a high volume of public comments in favor of complete mode separation (bicycle, pedestrian, and motor traffic each in its own space) along the entire length of Treat within the project scope. This was key. If you submitted a comment or signed our petition on this subject (either in person or online), thanks very much. It mattered.