All hands on deck – Fill the CCTA meeting and call for at least 15% of Measure J reauthorization funds to bike and ped infrastructure

The next meeting of the Contra Costa Transportation Authority is this Wednesday, October 21, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.  The meeting room is 2999 Oak Rd #110 (CCTA office, across from PH BART and next to Embassy Suites).

Our regional partner Bike East Bay is requesting our help to fill the room.

Our target: Secure at least 15% of funds from the upcoming Measure J reauthorization for non-motor transportation infrastructure.  This would mean hundreds of millions of dollars.  Lack of money is a justification we have frequently encountered in refusals to make our streets safe for walking and bicycling.  Let’s seize this opportunity to remove that justification.

Here is BEB’s suggested comment.  Please edit it to suit your own experience and inclinations, but keep in the crucial point of at least 15% of Measure J reauthorization funds for bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.

“My name is ___ , speaking on behalf of ___ (e.g. Bike East Bay, Bike Concord, etc.) and I support designating more funds, at least fifteen percent, for Complete Streets projects. I use ___ Street/Ave/Blvd/Trail to commute across town and it is severely lacking in terms of safety, convenience and connectivity to to public transit and is in dire need of Complete Streets design guidance and implementation.”

To prevail, we are going to have to bring a lot of political pressure to bear. That means bodies in the room. If there’s no way you can be there, please send a letter. But your physical presence will help a great deal more.

We are hoping for support in particular from Karen Mitchoff and Federal Glover, CCC Supervisors who sit on CCTA.  The Board of Supervisors, represented by Karen Mitchoff, officially expressed support for Bike Concord and Bike East Bay’s work on Bike to Work Day this year.  Allocating at least 15% of Measure J reauthorization revenue to bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure is a big opportunity for them to translate that support into action.

Bike Concord organizers will be wearing our BC nametags, and will have BC pins to hand out.  Please come to the meeting, say hi and take a pin!  We need you at this meeting, and look forward to seeing you.

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