This Thursday – Policy workshop for the Master Plan

This Thursday, July 30 is the Community Workshop on policy for the Master Plan.  This is an official City meeting, the second of three Community Workshops in the Master Plan process.  It’s the single best opportunity this year to influence the shape and direction of Concord’s bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure over the coming years.

5:30pm at Centre Concord, 5298 Clayton Rd.  Bike Concord organizer Janet Young will lead a group bicycle ride to the workshop.  It will depart at 4:45pm from our Bike Tent site in Todos Santos Plaza at the corner of Grant St and Willow Pass Rd.

Bike Concord organizer Smitty Ardrey will be providing free bike valet service when you arrive.

Whether you bicycle, walk, ride the bus, or drive, please make time this Thursday evening to attend and participate in the Community Workshop.  Your presence will help, and your participation during the public discussion will help even more.

Please support Bike Concord on these points

If you share the goal of a future Concord in which walking and bicycling are safe and convenient all over our city, please consider making a comment during the public discussion at the Community Workshop in support of the following specific points:

  1. The Master Plan should commit the City to target the most dangerous streets first for bicycle and pedestrian safety.
  2. Any street with traffic at or above 35 mph should have dedicated space for bicycle traffic.

A prime example of such a street is Monument Blvd.

Child care

Monument Impact will be providing child care from 5:00pm to 8:30pm at their facility at 2699 Monument Blvd, Suite G. They will have three licensed female child care providers responsible for the children. Food for children will be also provided.

Join us!

Bike Concord members will be present at the Community Workshop, identifiable by our pins. Please come up and talk to any of us. We’d love to hear your ideas for specific ways that bicycling and walking could be made safer and more convenient in Concord, and we’d like it even more if you would become an active member of Bike Concord and help lead some of our efforts. Any amount of time and energy you can give will be welcome.

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