Bike to Work Day celebration

Bike to Work Day event flyerBike Concord and Bike East Bay are hosting an evening celebration on Bike to Work Day – Thursday, May 14, 5:30pm to 8:00pm.

Our usual free bike repair will still be available at the Bike Tent, although it will be moved for this Thursday to a location on the Todos Santos block of Salvio St, which will be a pedestrian-only boulevard for the duration of the event.

E.J. Phair Alehouse and Brewery will be offering happy hour specials, and they have even created a new beer for the occasion.  They gave Bike Concord members a chance to name the beer; the winner was “Look Ma No Hands”. It’s a Red India Pale Ale brewed with different hop varietals, featuring some strong hoppiness coupled with a solid malt backbone and beautiful red color. ABV is 7%.

When you visit E.J. Phair on Bike to Work Day, please mention Bike Concord and 10% of your bill will be donated to us. We are a small organization on a shoestring budget, so this will be much appreciated!

Local Concord musicians Brave City will perform a musical set on stage. Contra Costa County Supervisor Karen Mitchoff will deliver a Bike to Work Day resolution on behalf of the Board of Supervisors.

Bike East Bay and helmet safety experts Snell will offer information on bicycle safety for both children and adults.

There will be face painting and a drawing contest for kids.

Local organizations Monument Impact, Sustainable Contra Costa and Wheel Kids will have tables to present their work making our community a healthier place to live.

There will be free bike valet service for the event!  Arrive on your bicycle and you can hand it over to us for safekeeping. Bike Concord organizer Smitty Ardrey, distinguishable by his tuxedo, will guard your bike until you’re ready to head home.

See you there – rain or shine!

2 thoughts on “Bike to Work Day celebration

  1. fix our roads first the you can ride your bikes. fill up those vacant buildings first then you can ride you bikes. get rid of the low life and drugys , and homeless then you can ride your bikes. take care of the people that have no food and the you can ride your bikes. take care of the old people then you can ride your bikes. You must see there is so much more importan things to do in concord then BIKES We need a new drection for our mayor to take us not all this goody goody crap. Its time too open your eyes CONCORD


    • Hi Jeff. The other issues you bring up are certainly crucial. However, please understand that bicycling is not just an optional leisure activity. For a lot of people, it’s transportation to work, to school, and to errands. Some of those people choose bicycling as transportation for environmental reasons, but many bicycle because they are on limited budgets and it’s considerably cheaper than fuel and maintenance for a car. Our streets need to be safe for all of these people.

      This is not to deny that poverty and the needs of our seniors should receive just as much focus. Bike Concord cares a great deal about these issues, and the health and safety of Concord residents with tight budgets is a big part of why we are pushing for safer streets, along with our friends at Monument Impact. Our community can walk and chew gum at the same time.


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