Arterial streets vs. side routes

In public discussions of the Master Plan, one topic which has come up and will come up again is the choice between making our arterial streets safe for bicycle traffic (e.g. Monument Blvd, Concord Ave, and Oak Grove Rd), vs. leaving those streets unchanged and instead trying to route bicyclists through residential side streets using signage.

Depending on one’s priorities, either approach may seem like the better one. Reasons for the side streets approach include:

  • It will involve much less immediate inconvenience for motorists.
  • It can be done much more quickly.
  • It will cost much less time and money for the City.

If these factors are a higher priority than those below, then the side streets approach makes sense.

However, there are reasons for the arterial approach which, in Bike Concord’s view, are compelling if the City’s priorities are to encourage the choice of bicycle transportation and to make it safe. A premise of the Master Plan is that they are.

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Plan Advisory Committee second meeting

The second meeting of the Plan Advisory Committee for the Master Plan is this Monday, April 27, at 5:30pm in the Permit Center Conference Room in the city offices at 1950 Parkside Dr.

The next PAC meeting will be on June 22. There will be no meeting in May.

Items on the agenda include:

  • Presentation to the PAC by Alta Planning & Design and comments by PAC on community needs.
  • Report by Alta on the April 8 Community Workshop and April 18 walking and bicycling tours.
  • Discussion of Bike to Work Day (May 14) events and the next Master Plan public workshop on July 30, which will be focused on policy.

The PAC’s meetings are all public and include opportunities for public comment.  Bike Concord asks for your help in pushing for a safe arterial streets approach in the Master Plan.

If you’re unable attend the meeting in person, you can email your comments to to Principal Planner Andy Mogensen at Andrew.Mogensen@

For notes from the PAC’s first meeting, please see comments under